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the best care for your trees.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. From the quality of our tree care services to our interactions with clients, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. We constantly seek opportunities to improve and stay at the forefront of industry best practices.

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Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment. We recognize the vital role that trees play in maintaining ecological balance and reducing carbon footprint. Our practices prioritize sustainable tree care techniques that promote tree health, biodiversity, and long-term environmental sustainability.

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We conduct ourselves with professionalism and respect in every aspect of our work. Our team members are knowledgeable, courteous, and well-trained professionals who treat each property with care and consideration. We maintain clean and organized workspaces, adhere to schedules, and deliver on our promises.

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Our Services

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Proper tree trimming is essential for maintaining the health, shape, and overall appearance of your trees. At Cavara Tree Service Inc., we specialize in precision tree trimming techniques that bring out the best in your trees while promoting their well-being.

Through our expert trimming services, we remove dead, diseased, or overgrown branches, allowing for improved air circulation and sunlight penetration. This promotes healthier growth, reduces the risk of disease and pest infestation, and enhances the overall aesthetics of your trees.

Whether you need light pruning to maintain the shape and density of your trees or more extensive crown thinning to improve their structure and reduce wind resistance, our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results.


Our experienced team understands the unique challenges associated with land clearing and takes a meticulous approach to ensure a smooth and successful process. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to clear vegetation, brush, and trees of all sizes, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.

With our land clearing services, we can help you remove unwanted vegetation, overgrown trees, and debris, allowing you to maximize the usable space on your property. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools, enabling us to tackle even the most challenging land clearing projects efficiently and effectively.

We adhere to industry-leading practices to promote environmental sustainability during the land clearing process. Our arborists take great care to identify and protect any valuable or significant trees on your property, incorporating them into the design of the cleared space whenever possible. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of your land.

At Cavara Tree Service Inc., we understand that every land clearing project is unique. We take the time to listen to your specific requirements and develop a customized plan that aligns with your vision and goals. Our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure that the land clearing process is carried out efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.

Whether you need land cleared for residential development, commercial construction, or landscaping purposes, Cavara Tree Service Inc. is here to provide reliable and professional land clearing services. We take pride in our attention to detail, commitment to environmental stewardship, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

At Cavara Tree Service Inc., we understand that tree stumps can be an unsightly and inconvenient presence on your property. That’s why we offer professional and efficient stump removal services to help you regain the full functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Our team of skilled arborists utilizes advanced equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove tree stumps of any size and type. We are equipped with powerful stump grinders that can grind stumps down to below ground level, eliminating any trace of the stump and its root system.

Stump removal is not only about improving the appearance of your property; it also eliminates potential hazards and provides a clean slate for landscaping, construction, or other outdoor activities. By removing stumps, you can free up valuable space, eliminate tripping hazards, and prevent the regrowth of unwanted vegetation.

Our experienced arborists assess each stump removal project individually to determine the most appropriate approach. We consider factors such as stump size, location, and the surrounding landscape to ensure a safe and efficient removal process.

We prioritize safety during stump removal operations. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols and takes all necessary precautions to protect your property and any nearby structures. We work meticulously to minimize disruption to your surrounding landscape, leaving the area clean and ready for your next project.


Tree removal is a delicate process that requires careful planning and execution. Our arborists are trained to assess each tree’s condition, consider its location, and identify any potential risks or obstacles. With a focus on safety, we utilize industry-approved techniques to ensure the smooth and controlled removal of trees, even in challenging environments.

While tree removal is typically considered a last resort, there are situations where it becomes necessary. Dead, diseased, or severely damaged trees pose significant risks to the safety of your property and its occupants. Trees that are leaning dangerously, encroaching on structures, or interfering with utility lines also require professional removal.

At Cavara Tree Service Inc., we understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of your landscape. Before proceeding with tree removal, our arborists carefully evaluate the tree’s health and explore alternative solutions whenever possible. If removal is deemed necessary, we work efficiently to minimize the impact on your property, ensuring the surrounding vegetation and structures remain protected.

Once the tree removal is complete, we offer optional stump removal services to eliminate any remnants and provide a clean, blank canvas for your future landscaping endeavors. Additionally, we can assist with the proper disposal or repurposing of the removed tree materials, ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact.

When you choose Cavara Tree Service Inc. for tree removal, you can expect professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that the tree removal process is carried out seamlessly from start to finish.

providing exceptional tree care services.

When you choose Cavara Tree Service Inc. for tree care, you can expect professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that the tree removal process is carried out seamlessly from start to finish.

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